legal awareness volunteer

The mission of spreading knowledge about the law, lawpanch will choose different volunteers and will be selected as a temporary or permanent volunteer for six months. Legal awareness programs are conducted with the help of Volunteers and lawpanch team through different social media platforms like Instagram, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and many other. Due to pandemic, we are not able to conduct our filed work but still we try our best to reach more people and let them know about law. Through legal Awareness program we will not only reach people and let then known about law but also help them to understand the importance of knowledge about law.

To organize different competition

Competition builds the courage of many, so different competition will be organized by us to train, to increase and build the skills of the students. The competition will not be held only for law background people’s but it will be open for all according to topics. In one year, we have reached more than 10 000 people because of the competition organised by us. We have successfully organised two National quiz competitions, one National painting competitions and two Webinar. Competition helps to increase and brush the knowledge of every person. Through this service, we aim to spread law and encourage people to know more about law of land.

An internship program. organising the different national level competition

To train the young minds of the the country lawpanch will provide internship to law students. Our internship program focuses on the development of students in every aspect of law. It also helps students to connect with advocates of different specialisation as the work done by interns or certified by them. Through this service we want to build the connection of young minds with different aspects of law, different areas of law and mentors. Which ultimately will help to reach our goals.

Free query solving program

The beginners or other students have different queries regarding their law topics so, lawpanch with the help of this program will help the students as per their need. Students are free to mail or text their queries on the lawpanch Instagram page. Through this service, we help people to solve their problems by making them understand the law. In a year, we have solved many queries of peoples from all professional background not only legal background. The most frequently asked questions are on the topics of, Domestic Violence, Divorce, Marriage, Suicide, contract, Property dispute so on.

campus leader program

The campus leader program will be made when required to keep in touch with the different college and spread updates about the program held by us, but due to the pandemic, we have not called for the campus leaders as the schools and colleges are shut. Through this service, we aim to create a hierarchy of mentors who will make our aim their goals and spread them even at the grassroots levels.
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