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About lawpanch

Lawpanch works to spread the law by lighting the lamp of awareness. Lawpanch is set up with the mission to spread the law of land even to the grass-root level of India by fieldwork or social media campaign through selecting different volunteers of law field whether the student or graduates. The awareness programs are there to make every person in the country aware of their right and duties towards themselves, society, and country. Law provides every individual certain rights and duties which is unknown to a large group of the Indian population so, let’s spread law.

Lawpanch also trains young minds through an internship program. It helps the students by solving their problems relating to the law field.

About This Program:

Sharing our knowledge is the best tool to build a strong foundation because it passes through different Examination before coming out from the mouth. Awareness not only helps society to learn something new but also lead to the birth of new Mentors. So, with the help of our Paid Publication program, we aim at the new growth of Mentors who want to contribute something to our society through their words, art and creativity without work pressure.

Every person is different from each other just like their fingerprints and they have different tools to express their thoughts and help society. Tools can be writing power, speaking power, speaking through their actions and creativity.

We work for awareness about the law and it can be done through any of the tools mentioned above.

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Listed work for paid Publication with a price

  • Blog
  • Article
  • Painting
  • Poem

If the author is more than one only 50 rupees will increase.



Procedure for Applying and Selection:

  • Filling the Application Form below.
  • After receiving confirmation from Lawpanch, send your work through the mail in the doc file.
  • Candidate will receive mail for selection after they pass the plagiarism test.
  • Selected Candidates will have to pay the amount and mail the Screenshots for the same.
  • After Payment Publication work wIll Start.
  • Published work will be mailed to candidates.

*All the above-mentioned work will be completed within 10 to 12 days from the date of filing the Application.

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LawPanch works to spread the law by lighting the lamp of awareness.

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