About Us

Lawpanch work to spread the law by lighting the lamp of awareness

About Us

Lawpanch is set up with the mission to spread law of land even to the grass-root level of India.

by fieldwork or social media campaign through selecting different volunteers of law field whether the student or graduates.

The awareness programs are there to make every person in the country aware of their right and duties towards themselves, society, and the country. Law provides every individual with certain rights and duties which is unknown to a large group of the Indian population so, Let’s spread the law.

Lawpanch also trains young minds through an internship program. It helps the students by solving their problem relating to the law field. In a year we have reached more than 20,000 people through our website, legal awareness programs, and different competitions. The legal awareness program is conducted with the help of volunteers and interns on different platforms of social media like Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and slideshow. Through our competitions (quiz competition, painting Competition) and legal awareness program, we have encouraged the young mind to know their land laws as the smallest participant in one of the competitions was 8 years old child.​

Our internship and Volunteer for legaawareness program

grant members to connect with Advocate from different specialisation and they get their work checked by them and certificate signed by them.

Our Instagram

page conducts weekly quizzes which helps many to increase or brush their knowledge.

Our YouTube channel

helps to interact with people through videos on different topics related to the law which should be known to all. We have successfully conducted a webinar on the topic….

We Have Worked

With different legal as well as non-legal websites and law pages as our media partners for different completion     (our legal world, law laboratory, kanooniyat., logical Network, Lexajuris, legalizer, campusly and many more.

In a year, we have solved many queries of peoples from

all professional background not only legal background. The most frequently asked questions are on the topics of, Domestic Violence, Divorce, Marriage, Suicide, contract, Property dispute so on.

Selected works of Interns and Volunteers are published

on our website and different social media platforms and from this year we have started paid Publication at reasonable prices which will help many personals to spread their knowledge without working pressure.