Free query solving program

The beginners or other students have different queries regarding their law topics so, lawpanch with the help of this program will help the students as per their need. Students are free to mail or text their queries on lawpanch Instagram page

To organize different competition

Competition builds the courage of many, so different competition will be organized by us to train, to increase and build the skills of the students. The competition will not be held only for law background people’s but it will be open for all according to topics.

Campus leader program

Campus leader program will be made when required to keep in touch with the different college and spread updates about the program held by us.

Legal Awareness Volunteer

The mission of spreading knowledge about the law, lawpanch will choose different volunteers and will be selected as a temporary or permanent volunteer for six months program.

An Internship Program

organising the different national level competition – To train the young minds of the country pawpanch will provide internship to law students.

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