National Quiz Competition


2nd National Quiz Competition, 2020 (28nd June)

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1). E-certificates will be issued to those participants who score above 34 marks.

2). Top 3 participants will receive a certificate of merit and the top 10 will receive a certificate appreciation.

3). The Quiz will be conducted in 3 slots of a different set of questions. ( 1st – 4-4:25 pm; 2nd Slot- 5-5:25pm 3rd Slot- 6-6:25pm)

Set A: 6-6:25 pm

Set B: 5-5:25 pm

Set C: 4-4:25 pm

4). We will not be responsible for any technical issue from the side of participants, also the quiz will stop sharp at 4:27, 5:27, and 6:27 pm.

5). Whoever doesn’t submit the quiz before the above mentioned time, will be disbarred from the competition.

6). 2 marks will be given for each answer No Negative marking.

7). The code and question set has been provided to the registered participants by mail.

8). The winner will also get an internship opportunity if they want.

9). No one will call or text if any doubt them malarious, and if there are any issues that are common it will be solved collectively.

10). In case you have received 2 different mail and set go with the first one.

The question set will appear on the link given below according to the time allotted to you all. The link of questions will be also given to you all in the WhatsApp group according to set to avoid error on the page.

Remember there are 3 different groups according to the allotted, and we have a record of registration so don’t share your details about the quiz.

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