Results for 1st National painting competition organised by law panch.

We congratulate each one for there performance.
Thank you for participating in the 1st National painting competition of lawpanch hope you all enjoyed it.
List of top 10

Judgement procedure:
1). 2/08/2020: Photoshop check of all the submission by lawpanch development team.
2). 4/08/2020: Selection of top 30 by respected judges of the competition.
3). 5/08/2020: Selection of top 20 by judges.
4). 8/08/2020: a selection of top 10 and top 3 winners along with 7 consolation prize winners.( during the selection we decided to give consolation prize to 7 participants).
  • Certificate of merit along with mentioned prize will be given to top 3 winners and consolation prize winners by 15/08/2020.
  • Participation certificate will be provided to all the participants by 20/08/2020.
  • Paintings of the top 10 will be published on our website and we will have the copyright of those paintings.
  • If other participants want there painting to be published on our website can freely text us or mail us about the consent.
Thank you for participating in the 1st national painting competition of lawpanch and helping in our awareness program.
Special thanks to our judges,

Who Gave There Valuable Time On This Competition And Helped Us To Find The Best Among The Huge Crowd Of Participants.

We Thank Our Media Partners For There Help And Cooperation To Make This Event A Great Success :

At Last, We Would Like To Thank All The Team Members Of Lawpanch Who Worked Without Seeing Time And Their Exhaustion.

Team For The Quiz:

Marisha Shandilya
Aravind K
Sudhanshu Sachan
Mansi Sharma
Deeksha Giri
Nikita Anand
Govind Parbat
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